Holiday 2022 edition

Unexpected Conveniences

Hudson Yards Has You Well Covered
Mt. Sinai’s state-of-the-art medical facility is available conveniently (and exclusively) to Hudson Yards’ residents, employees, and your families. It offers a full array of services—from primary care to prescription delivery to alternative therapies—to fit your needs, and extended hours to fit your schedule. Meanwhile, the staff at the Hospital of Special Surgery’s clinic is on hand to X-ray your bad back or help you r ehab that bum knee.
Mt. Sinai Hudson Yards Health Center is located at 55 Hudson Yards.
Hospital for Special Surgery is located at 35 Hudson Yards.
The Ultimate Temple of Well Being
The largest flagship gym in the Equinox franchise can be found at 35 Hudson Yards. Break a sweat with more than 60,000 square feet of state-of-theart equipment, indoor and outdoor pools, hot new classes, and top-quality trainers, plus a clinically proven approach to conditioning. Those who prefer their workout on two wheels can clip in and start pedaling at the SoulCycle in the building.
The child care and early learning experts at Vivvi have found a new home at 55 Hudson Yards. The campus offers extended hours, year-round schedules and flexible enrollment options to support today's working families.
It's a Dog's World
Live or work at Hudson Yards and your pets get perks too. Specifically, the opportunity to hang out at Dog City, the luxurious canine haven located at Abington House. Drop off your pups and they can frolic with pals while you’re out and about. They can get a checkup, too; it’s one of the many available coddling services.
Even better? Hudson Yards employees enjoy 20% off all Dog City services at Abington House and The Caldonia and the newest location at 521 West 28th St by Zaha Hadid.
Valet parking
If you drive to work, your commute just got a whole lot easier. You can now book valet parking on an hourly, daily or monthly basis. Reserve in advance or pull up to the taxi stand at Hudson Yards Boulevard and let someone else take it from there. See all the details here.
We can’t wait for noon to roll around, and yet it is a hard workday truth: Lunch is often spent at our desks. But that doesn't mean we can't revel in a midday meal. HY Delivers, the catering service from Hudson Yards’ exceptional restaurants — delivers directly to all tenant buildings.
Bonus: $5 off your first order, use the code: tryzuul
At Your Service
Need help with returns? Or maybe a dinner reservation? Hudson Yards Concierge Services are standing by to make your day a pleasant, seamless experience.
Located on Level 1 of The Shops & Restaurants at Hudson Yards. Or just a quick call, 646-954-3155, or email away.
Make a pit stop at Hudson Yards over the weekend and you'll find a fleet of flavors. During the warmer months a rotating variety of food trucks, curated by the New York Food Truck Association and serving all kinds of delicious grab-and-go options, visit the Public Square and Gardens Friday through Monday. Order from your favorite restaurants on-the-go with HY Delivers pick up and delivery options.
Needful Things
You will find everything you need at Hudson Yards—not to mention quite a bit of stuff you didn’t even know you did. Get easy access to everyday personal items and services on campus including:
Duane Reade open 24 hours and located at 526 W 30th Street.
A wide variety of personal necessities at The Shops & Restaurants at Hudson Yards — as well as beauty treatments at Sundays.
You've Got mail
Hudson Yards mail and messenger centers' uninterrupted services ensure timely receipt and handling of mail, parcels and other deliveries from loading dock to desk.
New York, NY 10001, USA
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